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Why Mini-Cows West?

We know the animals - we are 3rd and 4th generation farmers. Our representatives have visited leading miniature breeders in Australia and the U.S. and personally selected our breeding stock, based on genetics, conformation and temperament. We imported the very first group of the best breeding females to the U.S. and have the experience and ability as a full range breeder to meet your needs.

Embryos, semen and pregnant surrogates are available for sale now. We've been collecting semen from great bulls for 20 years. Please check out our semen sales for more informaiton. Calves area also available in season. Their pedigrees are available upon request.

The miniature cattle market in America is in a rapid growth phase. Most importantly, the future market for beef from miniatures is very likely to be assured through the demand for a safer, more natural and consistently superior product. We are determined to assure that American Aberdeen (Lowline) are not promoted on the basis of unsustainable promises, in the way other exotic breeds have been exploited. We are working with other breeders to promote the concept of smaller but full cuts of premium quality beef for use in restaurants and for direct market to consumers

MCW will assist with advice on business plans, selection of recipient stock, and management of animals we sell.

Key advantages of breeding American Aberdeen (Lowline):

A more easily managed animal (naturally polled, docile and easier on your pastures and fences)
More efficient animal on feed and pasture
They mature earlier and dress off with less waste
Good fertility and easy calving
Pigmentation avoids problems of lighter colored breeds
Less birthing and maternal problems
Produce ideal amount of designer steaks for the typical family freezer (direct marketing & backyard beef) American Aberdeens (Lowline) deliver right sized – right kind beef!
Ideal size for 4-H and small handlers
Tax deductible investment
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Please email us at for more information about Minicows West
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