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General Information

The American Aberdeen (formerly Australian Lowline) has been developed over the last 20 years by selective breeding of Purebred Angus stock. This animal and modern bio-technology are the answers to the profitability of cattle in the 21st century. Mini-Cows West has these answers.


American Aberdeen (Lowlines) can produce 70% of the ribeye area on 1/3 the feed of animals more than twice their size. This allows a stocking ratio of 2.2 (or more) to 1. The obvious result is that up to 54% more beef may be produced from a given pasture with smaller cattle.

This is the beef that counts—More Steaks! …..more high grade cuts per carcass and less waste.

Better and Safer Beef

American Aberdeen (Lowline) Light and Free Nutrient Dense Beef tm

Slightly smaller cuts light on external fat with choice or better grade. Small and rapidly maturing animals means short and tender muscle fibers from younger animals. Our American Aberdeen (Lowline) Light and Free Beef adds 60% more of the good or essential fatty acids the body cannot complete on its own and 36% more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a cancer and arthritis fighting fatty acid.

Free-ranging animals with no growth hormones, antibiotics, or exposure to confined feeding. Can be backgrounded on the farm to a just-right freezer size.

Nutrient dense, high in cancer and rheumatism fighting CLA, vitamins and minerals because they are naturally grass fed to maturity.


Their small size, docile and curious nature makes them well suited to smaller properties. Their smaller size and weight means there is less likelihood of erosion and damage to your pasture.

They don't need strong fencing, heavy pens or equipment associated with larger cattle. Their small size and good nature makes them easier to transport to market and shows.


American Aberdeen (Australian Lowlines) are cared for in the same manner as full-sized Angus. Veterinary care is conventional with the added advantage of ease of handling of the animal, and vigorous good health. They are easy calving, fertiles, and very maternal.

Conformation and Size

In general terms, an American Aberdeen (Lowline) or mini-angus, show a body profile in proportion to the best full sized Angus. American Aberdeens (Lowlines) average around 95 - 105cm (36 - 42 inches) in height. Calves birthing weight will be between 35 and 60 lbs. Females mature at approx. 750 lbs. Bulls will range from 1000-1500 in weight at full maturity.

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